Strike!: NHS seniors enjoy bowling for the school

By Wendy Nugent, Newton Now

One thing Newton High School senior Cori Lyall likes about being on the bowling team is the group is so welcoming.

She said it doesn’t matter what kind of high school group a teammate comes from—he or she is accepted for who they are and welcomed.

“I like bowling a lot,” Lyall said. “Better than other sports in the past.”

Another senior bowler, Joey Gile, said he likes the game, as well.

“I love how simple yet complex it is,” he said, adding it can be as simple as throwing a ball down a lane or be as complex as trying to release the ball the same way or having the same curve on the ball.

Senior Kobe Burns likes it for other reasons. He said a person can play it casually or competitively

“It’s just fun,” he said.

NHS bowling is divided into two teams—boys and girls—with the boys having 16 members and the girls with 12. The head coach is Joanie Pauls, and assistant coach is Jon Adkins.

All three seniors have bowled for NHS in the past.

“This is my third year,” Lyall said. “I didn’t start until my sophomore year.”

Gile said he’s in his fourth year, as is Burns.

Lyall also has bowled outside of school, mostly with other girls on the team outside of practice.

Retired NHS music teachers Donna and Keith Woolery played an important part in Lyall joining the team. Keith Woolery used to be the team coach.

“Mrs. Woolery was like, ‘They need more girls on the bowling team,” Lyall said, adding she gave the team a tryout for a week and then joined. She decided she liked it.

Gile said he became interested in bowling because of Burns, who was in a league, and they went to the same elementary school. Gile said Burns invited him to bowl, and he went. He liked it. He just kept getting better.

“I’ll probably bowl my whole life,” he said. “Useful skill I’m learning.”

Burns said his mom bowled in leagues at Play-Mor Lanes in Newton, and he used to go there with her. She’d bowl on the north end of the alley, and Burns bowled on the south side. He found he liked it.

The three were quick to recite their highest scores, with Lyall scoring 345 in a series, which is three games, Gile at 264 and Burns at 289 for a game and 648 for a series.

“It was a perfect game until the 10th frame,” Gile said about his 264 high score.

The teams’ next meet is on Thursday in Salina.

Gile and Burns have thought about bowling in college, while Lyall wants to bowl for fun.

“I’ve talked to coaches about it,” Burns said.

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